About the Artist

At the age of 35 my neighbor's daughter said to me,  "Ms Kelly, you don't have to be able to draw to paint"!  And so, a young girl started me on an adventure I would have never thought possible.  And she was right!  And drawing is something you can learn.  Who knew!  I've been painting ever since but recently found my true love, sculpture.  I use to bake out of my home years ago and thought, "if I can make this cake look like a snake, maybe I could do sculptures".  It took me years to try sculpture and only because I wanted to try some 3D art on canvas.  
I am a retired registered nurse, wife to the most wonderful man and mother of 3 boys.  To say our home is full of testosterone is an understatement! :)  I guess that's why my focus seems to be all towards the feminine, movement, and motherhood.  I hope you find joy in my work, because it has definitely brought me happiness


Kentuck Art Gallery. 503 Main Ave
Northport Alabama 35476

Wonderfully Made. 1653 Mcfarland Blvd N
Suite G4-D
Tuscaloosa AL 35406

Glow Floral Events

Lou & Company. 1922 University Blvd., suite A
Tuscaloosa Alabama