About the Artist

I began to paint as a hobby when I was 35 years old. I had already served a career as a registered nurse, gotten married, started a family, became a stay-at-home-mom, and settled into a groove of life that I really enjoyed. Yet, there was a desire to find my creative outlet. Anyone who has found themselves in the thick of the wilderness that is parenting has likely prayed for something that allowed them to reconnect with themselves, even if it's just for a few moments after the rest of the household has gone to bed. Painting became that "something" for me. From there, I picked up sculpting, drawing, baking, and eventually tried my hand at floral design - I fell in love with it! I am honored to work with clients to bring their vision of the perfect wedding, corporate event, seasonal party or celebration into reality.


Kentuck Art Gallery. 503 Main Ave
Northport Alabama 35476

Wonderfully Made. 1653 Mcfarland Blvd N
Suite G4-D
Tuscaloosa AL 35406

Glow Floral Events

Lou & Company. 1922 University Blvd., suite A
Tuscaloosa Alabama